Why should I apply ?

Get exposed to the right opportunities

Participation will get you press, exposure (and something to brag about on Instagram) before, during and after the event.
We have strong relationships with all major design-related media which will improve your company’s PR exposure. We will support the promotion of your business to potential clients worldwide.
And after the event, we will provide marketing materials so you can put forward the DNA Paris Design Awards logo on your website, literature, email, sales material etc…

Opera Infinita

Build your personal brand

You’re not just another designer.
Becoming a DNA Paris Award winner will strengthen your positioning and set you apart from the competition. By carefully selecting the category you apply to, you can create a niche that makes you stand out in the industry.

Boosting Morale and popping up champagne

Winning a prize or receiving DNA Paris Honourable Mention is a very public way of recognizing the hard work and achievements of your teams.
Awards are the best excuse to party and a very efficient way to boost the morale of your troops on the design battlefield.

Attracting the best talent

Let’s be honest, most designers want to work at the places where they have at least the option to get awards.
Being recognized as a DNA Paris Winner is building your brand to attract new talent and engage with potential investors.

Paul Pogba

Designer of the year Benefits

Benefits you will get if you win 1 main category

Winner presentation at the Summer Design Conference in Paris
Winner Certificate
Winner Seal
Personalised press release to use for promotional purposes
Extensive publicity all throughout the following year
Highlight in our DNA Wall of fame online
Highlight in our winner media campaign to our database of 120000 creatives/designers/professionals

All winners benefits

Benefits you will get if you win 1 sub-category

Winner Certificate
Winner Seal
Extensive publicity all throughout the following year
Promotion on the DNA Wall of fame online
DNA Newsletters sent out to 120,000 design industry professionals and potential clients.

All participants benefits

Benefits you will get if you enter at least 1 project

50% discount on all the Summer Design Conference events in Paris
Invitation for 2 people to the Gala night in Paris
Access to the vernissage of the DNA Exhibition in Paris
PR to our database of 120000 creatives/designers/professionals

In contrast to many other design awards, there are no hidden or additional costs for winners. All the associated perks of winning a DNA Paris prize are included in the entry fee, with the exception of travel and accommodation costs when attending the Winner’s Cocktail Event & Conference.