"Jewish Relationship Stories" - The new permanent exhibition at Großlaupheim Castle

  • Company/Studio
    chezweitz GmbH
  • Instagram
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Detlef Daiber-Weitz
  • Design Team
    Detlef Daiber-Weitz, Dr. Sonja Beeck, Barbara Weinberger, Jan Stauf, Andree Volkmann, Sara Omassi, Claudia Besuch, Mona Kuschel
  • Client
    House of History Baden-Württemberg
  • Credits
    Photos by: HdGBW / Daniel Stauch; chezweitz
  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design/Installation
  • Project Website

In the beginning, there are threads! They weave through this exhibition, forming bands and fabrics, unraveling, tearing, and being picked up again. The unique German-Jewish relationship stories of Laupheim are told in the new permanent exhibition at the castle using textile techniques. The Berlin scenography office chezweitz has created an interwoven and embroidered scenography that animates the castle's interiors. The exhibition uniquely uses textiles to convey the human aspect, illustrating how history and relationships are woven from mankind.

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