Huafa Dazzling Bay No.1 Exhibition Center

  • Company/Studio
    Pt Architecture Design (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Lv Xuejun
  • Design Team
    Li Weibo, Jiang Bo, Chen Hu, Huang Xiaowen, Peng Jian, Zhou Hai, Yi Dandan, Yang Qiao, Li Zhu, Cai Shuping
  • Client
    Huafa Properties
  • Prize
    Winner in Architecture/Public Architecture

The total land area of the project is 54,976.40 m2, with a total gross floor area of 133,027.92 m2, divided into Zones A and B, with an overall plot ratio of 2.42. "The Listening Isle" Inspired by the rhythmic motion of waves and the tranquility of islands, the space along the streets adopts an open layout designed with human perception in mind. Through a multi-level progression of landscapes, the site's elevation differences are elegantly resolved, seamlessly connecting the spatial transitions throughout the entire site.

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