Sanya Wellness Retreat

  • Company/Studio
    Neri&Hu Design and Research Office
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Lyndon Neri, Rossana Hu
  • Credits
    Photo by Chen Hao
  • Prize
    Winner in Architecture/Hospitality

The Sanya Wellness Retreat is located in Haitang bay on Hainan Island, a popular resort destination in China. Neri&Hu’s design is inspired by the ancient Chinese walled city, elevated on a heavy plinth, it is usually surrounded by water for protection. As such the hotel is defined by two parts, the wooden dwelling comprising guest rooms perches atop a masonry base that contains all the public spaces below. Two L-shaped building volumes come together to form a water courtyard, the central feature from which all the hotel’s public amenities spread and emanate outwards.

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