Magical Paint Sales Center

  • Company/Studio
    Cxn Interior Design Corporation, Ltd.
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  • Lead Designer(s)
    Yen-Chang, Hsieh
  • Design Team
    Kuan-Ju, Lu
  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design/Retails
  • Project Website

Magical Paint Sales Center The Color Magic Project Transforming the modern paint retail space! Enhancing spatial dynamics and overall ambiance to increase selling prices and purchase willingness. We commit to infusing spaces with fresh and exhilarating colors through high-quality products. Beneath the unrefined steel framework, leveraging Helmholz's theory of primary colors—red, yellow, green, blue, and purple—we illuminate non-traditionally, emitting from a central source diffusing into distinct zones. Separate financial and managerial chambers are linked visually through strip lighting de

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