• Company/Studio
  • Instagram
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Wei Chun, Cheah
  • Client
    Toy Factory
  • Credits
    Photography by Micky Wong
  • Prize
    Winner in Graphic Design/Key art (Posters, covers, illustration)

Poster for an iconic Singapore play by director and playwright Goh Boon Teck. The story is inspired by the struggles of Goh's mother, Madam Oon Ah Chiam who was a street opera performer in the 40s. As the 30th anniversary of this production, the poster design recreates a symbolic structure reminiscent of a street opera stage, made with sticks and imagery from previous versions of the play, including photos of Madam Oon during her performing years. The structure surrounds a black and white portrait of the main actress Tan Rui Shan.

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