Casa Patio

  • Company/Studio
    Cherem Arquitectos
  • Instagram
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Abraham Cherem, Jose Antonio Aguilar
  • Design Team
    Luiz Rodriguez, Xochitl Zuñiga and Sebastiano Bertocchi
  • Client
  • Credits
    Rafael Gamo, Artec Studio, Hugo Sanchez
  • Prize
    Winner in Architecture/Housing
  • Project Website

The house is a contemporary interpretation of an hacienda, fitting the architectural program around a big patio. This hacienda is comprised vollumetrically by five white concrete intersecting pavilions. The slabs are oriented perpendicular to each other, with one slab serving as the primary living and sleeping area, while the other slabs houses public areas, the kitchen, dining, and utility spaces. The intersection of the slabs within’ its tall and clear glass sliding doors creates a blurring boundary between the interior and exterior spaces.

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