Le parc des Cathédrales du Rail

  • Company/Studio
    Coloco - Contemporary Landscape Creations
  • Instagram
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Nicolas Bonnenfant for coloco
  • Design Team
    Devillers & Associés, Monchecourt & co, Maquis-Art, Terao, Cabinet Merlin, Valgo et coloco team : Romain Joubert, Murielle Baticle, Hadrien Cassan
  • Client
    Eiffage Aménagement & Aire Nouvelle Equans
  • Credits
    perspective Byencore / masterplan D&A & coloco
  • Prize
    Landscape Design of the Year / Winner in Landscape Design/Historical landscapes / Winner in Landscape Design/Large Scale Projects
  • Project Website

Abandoned for 24 years, the Rail Cathedrals will host the largest museum dedicated to Street Art and Hip Hop in France. The Rail Cathedrals will be bordered by a 1.65 hectare park. Highlighting its industrial heritage, the park is a true place of preservation, contemplation, continuity of uses and afforestation. It contributes to the need for fresh public spaces through the virtuous management of rainwater on fertile soils. The promotion of fauna and flora is reinforced by the creation of refuge areas favorable to biodiversity and a diversification of environments.

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