Nice Brasil Headquarters

  • Company/Studio
    Mario Cucinella Architects
  • Instagram
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Mario Cucinella
  • Design Team
    A.Rossi, M.Olivieri,E.Biason,M.Pazzaglia,V.Vincioni,M.Toscano, A.Ungarelli, A.Naldoni, A.Zanzillo,Y.Costantini, A.Monacelli,G.Barberi,S.Beldean
  • Client
    Nice S.p.A.
  • Credits
    Photo credit Duccio Malagamba
  • Prize
    Winner in Architecture/Commercial & Offices
  • Project Website

The architecture of the building attains its objective of revolutionising the idea of what a manufacturing space should be by replacing the image of a closed, compact structure with one of maximum openness and permeability, able to create a dialogue with the local community and the environment; a design that interacts continuously with the surrounding landscape, reinterpreting traditional Brazilian architectural elements encouraging the users to exploit all the passive environmental characteristics and re-establish a symbiotic relationship between built space and nature.

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