VerdeNexus: Reimagining Taipei’s Urban Tapestry

  • University/School
    University College London
  • Lead Designer(s)
    ChaoChun Kung / Andrita Orbandi / Choi Wing Wendy
  • Prize
    Emerging Landscape Designer of the Year / Winner in Landscape Design/Large Scale Projects
  • Project Website

VerdeNexus stands at the forefront of urban innovation, a transformative design endeavor aimed at redefining the landscape of Taipei. Amidst the pressing challenges of urban heat islands, pollution, and the stark scarcity of green spaces, our proposal introduces a visionary blueprint for ecological revitalization and sustainable urban living. By harmoniously blending cutting-edge architectural solutions with pioneering landscape design, VerdeNexus seeks to transform the riverbank area into a vibrant, resilient urban ecosystem.

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