New Life for Old Village - Huizhou Lanmen Village Renovation Project

  • Company/Studio
    REDe Architects
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Jin Lei, Wang Wei
  • Design Team
    Architectural design: Wu Bin, Hu Yanping, Yin Zhenhua, Yang Qiaochu ; Interior design: Song Wentao, Ding Li, Zhang Minghui, Wang Guopeng
  • Client
    Taikang Life Insurance
  • Credits
    Photos by: Zhu Yumeng
  • Prize
    Winner in Architecture/Refurbishment
  • Project Website

We hope to preserve the historical heritage of the old Lanmen Village and transform it into a rural cultural and tourism complex. The goal is to provide accommodation and hospitality for tourists and create an exemplar that showcases the future rural lifestyle. Our rural transformation concept is to explore and promote the beauty of the place itself and to uncover real beauty. Our own architectural design aims to reflect the local characteristics in the most natural and economical way, while helping guests to comfortably relax, integrating into the rural environment.

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