Češča Vas Pool Complex

  • Company/Studio
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  • Lead Designer(s)
    Dean Lah, Milan Tomac
  • Design Team
    Jurij Ličen, Nuša Završnik Šilec, Polona Ruparčič, Sara Ambruš, Eva Tomac, Eva Javornik, Urška Malič, Rasmus Skov, Sara Mežik,
  • Client
    Novo Mesto Municipality
  • Credits
    Photo by Miran Kambič
  • Prize
    Winner in Architecture/Educational & Sports
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The construction of the new pool complex Češča vas is envisaged in a space dominated by the existing, recently renovated velodrome. The new pool facility thus takes advantage of the topographic properties of the inclined terrain. It is sited as low as possible and does not constitute a new dominant in the space. The building's subdued appearance in the space is achieved by the low floating roof, under which the surrounding landscape is allowed to flow across the pool. The materiality of pool complex is very simple and restrained, the only accent element is the ceiling in an intense warm color.

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