No Footprint House (NFH)

  • Company/Studio
    A-01 (A Company / A Foundation)
  • Instagram
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Oliver Schütte
  • Design Team
    Marije van Lidth de Jeude, Ronald Carvajal, José Pablo González, Mauricio Rodríguez, Misael Rodríguez, Hernan Mora, Pablo Mora, Luuc van Wezel
  • Client
  • Credits
    Photo by: A-01 / Fernando Alda
  • Prize
    Winner in Architecture/Green Architecture
  • Project Website

The No Footprint House (NFH) is located along the edge of the vast tropical rain forests along the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Placed in a humid tropical climate, the building responds to its surrounding habitat by passive climate control through natural ventilation and solar shading. The prefabricated building is developed as a prototype for serial production, based on a larger toolbox of residential typologies that are based on a systemic and modular design scheme. The project seeks for integral sustainability in terms of its environmental, economic, social and spatial performance.

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