Transformation of a Tiny “Forgotten Storeroom” by the Use of Recycled Objects

  • Company/Studio
    HHC Design Studio Shenzhen University
  • Lead Designer(s)
    He Ke, Liang Shaoqian, Cui Guangxun, Zhang Xun
  • Design Team
    He Yanting, Qiu Hang, Jiang Yueming, Zhang Jun, Ding Simin, Wang Siyi, Wu Jia, Cao Rui, Hu Qing, Wu Kangrui, Zhou Junle, Liang Yongxin, Li Zhensike
  • Client
    HHC Design Studio Shenzhen University
  • Credits
    Photos by: Su Zeyong, Wang Saihong
  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design/Sustainable Living

The project is an attempt at sustainable design. HHC Design Studio transformed an abandoned storeroom in its office into a tea room. The original space was on a mezzanine under the staircase, which was cramped and had a low ceiling of merely 1.7m, making it a "forgotten corner" in the workplace. By bringing in old items such as wooden window panels recycled from old buildings, the design team activated the forgotten space and also gave new life to traditional objects that carry memories and cultural value.

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