Chengdu Sansheng Living Art Museum (Jinjiang Manor Sales Center)

  • Company/Studio
    Zhuhai Huafa Properties Co., Ltd. and GAD
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  • Lead Designer(s)
    Zhuhai Huafa Properties Co., Ltd.
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  • Client
    Zhuhai Huafa Properties Co., Ltd.
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  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design/Civic buildings
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Located at Jinjiang District of Chengdu City, the project is a new form of the contemporary life aesthetics center, which is not an exhibition place in the traditional style, and not limited to the paradigm of common display area. The interior design aims to use its special site conditions to integrate Chengdu's past suburban greenery with modern living. The project aims to design a secluded space and a leisure environment, but also fit for its function. As a result, a living museum is created to guide the visitors for Zen meditation from the bustling city.

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