Andermatt Concert Hall

  • Company/Studio
    Studio Seilern Architects
  • Instagram
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Christina Seilern
  • Design Team
    Kahle Acoustics, Ducks Sceno, Suisseplan, BESIX, Hager, AFC
  • Client
    Andermatt Swiss Alps & BESIX
  • Credits
    Roland Halbe
  • Prize
    Winner in Architecture/Cultural Architecture
  • Project Website

The Andermatt Concert Hall, the first large concert hall designed specifically for a year-round destination in the mountains has brought high culture to an Alpine Ski village of Andermatt. Inaugurated by the Berlin Philharmonic and hosting concerts by world-renowned musicians and orchestras, the hall successfully helped reinvigorating the area. SSA proposed a raised roof to double the acoustic volume, and glass fa├žade, providing natural light and a connection to the surrounding scenery to the audience. The acoustic reflectors are visible from the street, creating a piece of public art.

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