Palazzo Senza Tempo, Peccioli

  • Company/Studio
    Mario Cucinella Architects
  • Instagram
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Mario Cucinella
  • Design Team
    Tommaso Bettini, Marco dell’Agli, Emanuele Dionigi, Biagio Amodio, Stefano Bastia, Paolo Greco, Alberto Menozzi, Marta Torsello, Augusta Zanzillo
  • Client
    Belvedere Spa
  • Credits
    Photocredit Duccio Malagamba; Andrea Testi
  • Prize
    Winner in Architecture/Public Architecture
  • Project Website

Palazzo Senza Tempo in the historic center of Peccioli is a response to the municipal administration's desire to encourage new cultural programs and commercial activity while enhancing the built heritage of this Medieval Tuscan hill town. Spread over several levels, together the old and new elements of the palazzo complex comprise different spaces for collective, cultural and public activities and a spectacular cantilevered piazza, projecting over the landscape beyond. The facades of the renovated buildings are designed to add new points of view from the interior to the town.

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