Pulo Ideal Land West 10 Garden

  • Company/Studio
    Horizon & Atmosphere Landscape Co.
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Lu Yinhan
  • Design Team
    Liu Yanjun,Zhang Qingwen,Lu Dan,Liu Jing,Huang Tsunyu,Yu Hao,Tang Chaohua,Li Wanjun, Liu Yiping,Wang Jun,Shi Jianling,Chen Weijie,Ruan Yuting
  • Client
    Pulo China
  • Credits
    ZOOM , Z/S Studio
  • Prize
    Landscape Design of the Year / Winner in Landscape Design/Large Scale Projects

The long and narrow shape of the terrain is used in the design to arrange the undergrowth garden with both artistic interest and quiet relax. We try to create a sense of public boundlessness here, with a constantly separated physical space where all kinds of actions and actions occur, and users can see each other. The activity lawn is connected with the social square, dog walking, picnics, frisbee sports, and various activities can take place on the lawn. The corridor frame is matched with cascading water features to make the rest space more romantic and comfortable.

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