Lei Street·Yingzhoufang Commercial and Residential Complex·Fuyang

  • Company/Studio
    Pt Architecture Design (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Hou Qiming
  • Design Team
    Yu Liping, Huang Xiaofeng, Ding Yichuan, Huang Ming, Ying Ting, Zhang Zhexian, Wei Ningna, Zhang Mingdong
  • Client
    Hefei Binhu Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd.
  • Prize
    Winner in Architecture/Big Scale building

Project Positioning: commercial and residential land. The overall floor area ratio of the Project is 2.0, with a capacity building area of about 240,000 m2. Among them: the residential building area is 200,000 m2 (including talent apartments) and about 3,300 m2 of kindergarten for 9 classes and 35,000 m2 of commercial street area. The overall plan of the Project is separated by a 6-meter wide flexible road into high-rise residential buildings, detached villas and commercial streets. And, the water system is used to naturally separates the residential area and the commercial area.

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