Xpeng G6 Intelligent sporty coupe SUV

  • Company/Studio
    Xpeng Motors
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Xiaopeng Team
  • Design Team
    Derta Emanuel, Zheng Yi, Wang Yanbing, Huang Guolin, Zhang Xinxin, Sun Ning, Dong Yi, Xie Ying, Wu Yibo, Li Yan
  • Prize
    Winner in Product Design/Vehicle, Transport & Accessories

A sports coupe SUV that shows cutting-edge intelligence. The G6’s appearance harmoniously blends the concept of fluid mechanics with water droplets inspired from a captivating science fiction written by Mr. Cixin Liu. The smooth and emotional lines characteristically outline the postures side, not only does this highlight the sporty and youthful nature of the car, but also reduces wind resistance, allowing for an ultra long-lasting cruising range with a low drag coefficient of Cd = 0.244.

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