The Hyundai Seoul

  • Company/Studio
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  • Lead Designer(s)
    Diego Burdi
  • Design Team
    Project Manager: Tom Yip. Designers: Diego Burdi, John Seo, Michael Del Priore, Shawn Li, Daniel Mei. CAD: Anna Nomerovsky, Anna Jurkiewicz,Yoonah Lee
  • Client
    The Hyundai Department Store Group
  • Credits
    Photography: Yongjoon Choi Photography
  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design/Retails
  • Project Website

The design firm’s vision was to introduce a new concept in shopping environments while redefining the future of retail. The solution was inspired by Seoul’s surrounding nature. The green concept extends to the whole environment with each floor offering its own experiences and visual displays where nature is represented in various forms via contrast of materiality, translucency, color, and reflectivity. Commonality is found through sculptural elements. Art, nature, design, and fashion collide to create a unique perspective on how common experiences like shopping can be enhanced.

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