Lycée Franco-Allemand

  • Company/Studio
    Behnisch Architekten with Atelier 2A+
  • Instagram
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Stefan Rappold, Stefan Behnisch
  • Design Team
    Behnisch Architekten: Angie Müller, François Servera, Samuel Schmidt, Atelier 2A+: Florence Grall, Gille Lefebure
  • Client
    Conseil départemental des Yvelines, Hôtel du Département
  • Credits
    photos: David Matthiessen
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention
  • Project Website

In the heart of a tree-shaded park the Lycée Franco-Allemand offers an attractive place of learning for approximately 1,000 students. The goal was to modernise the site of an existing school including a bilingual and lower secondary school, a primary school, a gymnasium, and to link them together with the outdoor enhancements. The building from the 1980s, characterized by a linear structure was renovated and partially deconstructed to create space for the more freely formed extensions, which frame the schoolyard. In the middle the generous parasols offer protective zones for common activities.

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