Yongchuangzhognxin Brand Design

  • Company/Studio
    Wuhan Loading Culture Communication Co., Ltd.
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Yuan Xiaoshan
  • Design Team
    Yuan Xiaoshan,Zhu Liwen,Song Huijun,Pan Yan
  • Client
    Beijing Yongchuangzhognxin Architectural Design Co., Ltd
  • Prize
    Winner in Graphic Design/Logo
  • Project Website

In the view of ancient Chinese philosophy, things in the universe have the same origin and from this origin the world is created through changing and evolving. As the Taoism advocates, Infinity is oneness. Infinity is the potential of all things. All things are one with Infinity. Distinguishing creates the two. Originating from the "seed" of creativity, the logo has been growing up healthy and strong, creating a world of opportunities for architectural design. The intersecting concentric circles in the logo represent the rippling water surface where the seed of creativity is rooted.

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