Best Dream Folding Pillow

  • Company/Studio
    Jiangsu Careseen E-Commerce Co., Ltd
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Tianrong Xue
  • Design Team
    Lin Wang, Haomiao Wang, Yue Kai, Qiufen Jiang
  • Prize
    Winner in Product Design/Home-ware & accessories

This foldable pillow with a one-piece design is perfect for both back and side sleepers. The pillowcase combines a firmer fiber insert with a softer goose down insert, allowing users to switch according to their preferences. The design provides a snug fit for side sleepers and ideal support for back sleepers. When sleeping on the back, the pillow's concavity creates a cozy and secure feeling for the head while keeping the neck at a comfortable height. When sleeping on the side, the elevated design on both sides perfectly conforms to the neck and shoulders, allowing for smooth turning.

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