“Discovering Great Kaohsiung” 5G XR Museum Guide System

  • Company/Studio
    Bright Ideas
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Bright Ideas
  • Design Team
    Bright Ideas, Kaohsiung Museum of History
  • Client
    Kaohsiung Museum of History
  • Prize
    Winner in Graphic Design/Interactive Design
  • Project Website

Discovering Kaohsiung is a 5G XR Smart Tour Guide service that provides an innovative museum tour experience using LiDAR optical radar technology and AI spatial recognition technology. Developed by Bright Ideas and the Kaohsiung Museum of History, this tour guide presents 35 sets of 2D/3D animation models, 52 Kaohsiung landmark anchor points, 28 interactive quiz questions, and 100 sets of knowledge notes through an 11-inch iPad tablet. With personalized route planning suggestions, users can explore the exhibition freely and have fun while learning about the cultural stories of Kaohsiung.

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