Langfang Guangming Bridge Overcrossing Beijing-Shanghai Highspeed Railway

  • Company/Studio
    China Railway Fifth Survey and Design Institute Group Co., Ltd.
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Xiaobo Xue
  • Design Team
    Guoming Su,Yongzhan Zhu,Xianzheng Xue,Rongfeng Jiang,Yuanzhi Pang, Fangke Li,Juping Fu,Huan Liu,Ziming Luan,Yi Bao,Wenjuan Ma,Lei Gao,Jiawei Zhang
  • Client
    Langfang Municipal Facilities Management Bureau
  • Credits
    Photo by:Shunyao Wang
  • Prize
    Winner in Architecture/Infrastructures & Transportation

According to the survey, almost every central city where high-speed rail passes, there are "blocked" issues requiring “dredging”. The Guangming Road is located in the center of Langfang, China, where the city and Guangming Road are divided by the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway. The broken road had increased local traffic congestion and carbon emissions. In order to effectively ensure the smooth circulation of vehicles in the east and west urban areas of Langfang, The project were implemented in 2021, connecting the Guangming East Road and West Road by the upper-span-railway bridge.

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