Shenzhen Lakeside Villa

  • Company/Studio
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Xie Hui
  • Design Team
    Xie Hui, Yan Shali, Zhao Subing,Yang Shuai
  • Credits
    Photo by: Ao Xiang
  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design/House & Residential
  • Project Website

This 6-storey townhouse is located in Shenzhen, encircled by lakes and forests. Relying on various artworks of Chinese and foreign masters, art aesthetics is combined into the daily ambience of the family, making the space not only skillfully crafted but also rhythmical. Every scene in the room is elegantly detailed and vivid, giving a strong life force and unrestrained tension thanks to the mix of oriental and contemporary styles. With all these efforts, residents can take pleasure in ease, comfort and peace, while being surrounded by the warmth of daylight and the beauty of the four seasons.

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