Living Coffin

  • Company/Studio
    Loop Biotech
  • Instagram
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Bob Hendrikx
  • Design Team
    Lonneke Westhoff, Sander van den Berg, Allard van Hamersveld, Misty van Vliet, Jens Peeters, Eline Bobbe, Adriaan Przespolewski, Steijn van Schoor
  • Credits
    Photo by QV Creative
  • Prize
    Winner in Product Design/Responsible Design / Winner in Product Design/Eco Design
  • Project Website

Even when we die we leave a scar behind on our beautiful planet. Our current burial processes lead to large-scale material depletion, CO2 emissions, and soil pollution. We see ourselves as waste, while we could be compost. Mushrooms are known as nature’s biggest recycler and are the driving force in the earth’s end-of-life cycle due to its ability to transform organic matter and toxins into new life. Therefore, we have invented the world's first living coffin -grown from mushrooms in only 7 days- that enables people to enrich the soil and allow for new seedlings to thrive. Life after death.

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