MacLac Building D - Rebirth of A Historic Paint Factory

  • Company/Studio
    Marcy Wong Donn Logan Architects & PLAD (Peter Logan Architecture and Design)
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Kent Royle & Peter Logan
  • Design Team
    Marcy Wong Donn Logan Architects & PLAD, RHC Construction, Architecture & Light, Gregory P. Luth & Associates, Inc., Bayside Mechanical Inc.
  • Client
    Comstock Realty Partners
  • Credits
    Photo by 'Billy Hustace'
  • Prize
    Winner in Architecture/Refurbishment
  • Project Website

"MacLac" which combines the previous owner’s name and the word “lacquer”, is an adaptive reuse of a historic brick structure that had been occupied by a paint and lacquer factory since the mid-20th Century. This edifice was known as “Building D”. The adaptive reuse design Introduces abundant daylight through ridge skylights; provides architectural lighting to highlight historic brick walls and new perforated metal stairs; seismically upgrades steel trusses of the original building; integrates crucial earthquake resistance elements; and adds a structural diaphragm creating usable area.

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