Bivouac Fanton

  • Company/Studio
    Demogo Studio Di Architettura
  • Instagram
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Alberto Mottola
  • Design Team
    Simone Gobbo, Davide De Marchi, Fabio Tossutti
  • Client
    CAI - Sezione Cadorina di Auronzo
  • Credits
    Photo by Iwan Baan, Drawing by DEMOGO
  • Prize
    Architectural Design of the year / Winner in Architecture/Small Scale Project
  • Project Website

The new Fanton Bivouac is a protective shell at high altitude, a rough-hewn sloped volume that inhabits the Marmarole saddle in the Dolomites, a boundless space at 2667 meters above sea level, a context made of rock, light, wind, snow and distances. Its fiberglass body bends along the cliff profile and draws a visual tracer, an attempt to amplify and frame the landscape, a space coagulated around the tension between the vastness of the natural architecture of the Alps and the minute one of the bivouac.

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