Diffusive Habitats

  • University/School
    Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Living Architecture Lab
  • Design Team
    Eric Hughes, IG Faizunsha, Lia Papoutsi, and Sergio Mutis
  • Prize
    Emerging Interior Designer of the Year / Winner in Interior Design/Intelligent home / Winner in Architecture/Housing
  • Project Website

Diffusive Habitats is a resilient architectural system that builds upon the juncture of distributed robotics, reinforcement learning, and digital platforms to reimagine the way we conceive and inhabit architecture. Challenging traditional praxis, the project is conceived under the premise of constant spatial reconfiguration, non-linear life cycles, and distributed ownership. And so, via the interplay of its algorithmic, mechatronic, and material research, Diffusive Habitats critically explores the idea of a living architectural system capable of self-assessment, organization, and improvement.

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