NCU Multi-Functional Auditorium, Taiwan

  • Company/Studio
    JJP Architects & Planners
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Joshua Pan, Jong-Yu Cheng, Chuang-Tsai Huang
  • Design Team
    Q.M Sae-Tang, Mitcheal Huang, Ady Tsai, Pen Lee, H.M. Shih, Judy Yang, W.K. Kuo, S.F.Huang, Y.L. Huang, C.Y. Liang, H.P. Lee, S.C. Wu
  • Client
    National Central University
  • Credits
    Jay Liou, Chien-Yuan Liang, Chieh-Lin Chen
  • Prize
    Winner in Architecture/Educational & Sports

The concept is derived from pine cones,which inspired the gradual unfolding of spatial hierarchies that connote roundness and grace.The architectural expression with different textures create various acoustical reflections,which means the auditorium can be configured for musical and theatrical performances,assemblies and other activities.The stage can be utilized as the backstage for outdoor performances,where the audience enjoy the performance from the sloped grass slope in the rear of the building.The centrally located multi-functional auditorium makes it the vibrant heart or the campus.

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