Renovation of an architectural office in Nantes, France

  • Company/Studio
    Onze04 architectes
  • Instagram
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Gustavo Silva Nicoletti
  • Design Team
    Gustavo SILVA- NICOLETTI, Margaux-Anne BOUVIER, Carlota ZAPATA, Wan Ting LO
  • Client
    Onze04 architectes
  • Credits
    Photo by François DANTART
  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design/Renovation / Winner in Interior Design/Workplace
  • Company Profile

The onze04 agency is located at an old garage building in Nantes. The refurbishment principle consisted of the addition of the agency's own designed layers (tables, shelters, lamps, models…) to the existing constructive layers of the building (concrete beams, brick walls, terrazzo flooring…). In addition to the historical furniture created by the office, we built a series of a new elements. The master piece, it’s a new suspended work table for 12 people : the "Ta-vola!,a 9m long laminated timber beam supporting the 7 crossbeams to which the large worktop is fixed.

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