• Company/Studio
    María José Romero
  • Instagram
  • Lead Designer(s)
    María José Romero
  • Design Team
    María José Romero, Proyect Leader. Bruno Jarhani, Tecnósfera. Eder Martinez, Pro Skater.
  • Client
    SEDATU and Gobierno del Estado de Guerrero. México.
  • Prize
    Winner in Landscape Design/Parks & Public spaces, Educational, Community & Recreation facilities / Winner in Architecture/Public Architecture
  • Company Profile

FLOW consist in a monumental pictorial intervention by María José Romero (México 1970), specifically designed for a new skatepark in the Papagayo Park, Acapulco, México. Essentially painter, she works based on abstractionism and on the curve line, a formal element that defines her work. For FLOW, Romero makes her creation in a collaborative way with skatepark architects and skaters; in this teamwork resides the citizen efficacy of this muralist drift piece, totally original in México. In FLOW the abstract gesture of Romero dissolves with the imaginary lines that skaters draw while they skate.

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