Tourist Distribution East Center of Mount Tai

  • Company/Studio
    Pt Architecture Design (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Ming Li
  • Design Team
    Guangliang Zhang, Zhequan Liu, Zhuqing Chu, Xin Jiang, Zheng Zhao, Hongsi Xu, Buyun Song
  • Client
    Tai'an Lyuman Real Estate Co., Ltd.
  • Prize
    Winner in Architecture/Public Architecture

Located next by Mount Tai, one of the famous "Five Great Mountains" in China, the project undertakes the vital functions of transportation distribution, tourism consulting, catering ,entertainment and cultural display. With distinct undulations echoing the topography of Mount Tai, the skyline of the building indicates a rising boulder nestled at the foot of Mount Tai. Moreover,Enlightened by the famous "Shibapan" mountain road landscape in Mount Tai, the facade texture application of local stone materials with special texture has created a unique cultural figure.

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