Expo French Master Garden

  • Company/Studio
    Ifadur SAS d'architecture
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Thierry Huau
  • Design Team
    Augustin Descamps, Liguo LI, Wang BO, Aiting YUAN
  • Credits
    'Photo by: Liguo LI'
  • Prize
    Winner in Landscape Design/Parks & Public spaces, Educational, Community & Recreation facilities
  • Company Profile

This garden was created in 2021 for the famous Nanjing International Garden Festival, that celebrates and highlights garden design and techniques since 1999, being a laboratory for contemporary garden and landscape design worldwide.This haven of peace, a raised walkway greets people, spanning varied spaces as the trimmed bushes, giving pride of place to the topiary art, but also lush patios with palm trees, numerous ponds, waterfalls whose sound of water guides walkers, sunken gardens, sculptures and paintingsā€¦

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