• Company/Studio
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  • Lead Designer(s)
    Luke Ogrydziak
  • Design Team
    Zoë Prillinger, Luke Ogrydziak, Yuki Bowman, David Bowen
  • Client
    Gary & Somusa Ng
  • Credits
    Photos by Joe Fletcher & Naaro
  • Prize
    Interior Design of the Year / Winner in Interior Design/Renovation
  • Company Profile

Why can’t architecture be more like nature—changeable, varied, and uninhibited? Our client wanted to return home and feel a sense of private freedom, a release from the conformity of the world outside. In this project, we softened her existing Modernist house by infusing it with an atmosphere of clouds. The clouds scatter freely throughout the house, and dissolve and soften it in different ways. The clouds erode and blur the order of the rational modernist grid, creating a sense of space that floats and drifts.

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