Chinese Tujia Pan-Museum

  • Company/Studio
    Professor Li Baofeng's Studio
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Baofeng Li
  • Design Team
    Xuejing Zhu, Qingyuan Yang, Fawen Zhu, Han Yuan, Xinqi Wang, Pengpeng Yang, Zhiyu Yang, Zhiguang Yu, Tong Wang, Jing Huang, Chuanyin Yin,Ben Zhang
  • Client
    Kun Wang
  • Credits
    Yilong Zhao
  • Prize
    Winner in Architecture/Public Architecture
  • Company Profile

The Tujia people are hidden in the deep mountains. Due to inconvenient transportation, their traditional buildings and traditional production methods can be preserved, but the local people live in poverty. In order to publicize Tujia culture and improve the poverty of local villagers, we designed the Chinese Tujia Pan-Museum.

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