Country Garden· Cloud Castle

  • Company/Studio
    Jumu Landscape Design Co.,ltd
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Guanyu Lou
  • Design Team
    Lou Guanyu, Wu Zhongfu, Wan Zhaochou, Min Wenxue, Guo Xingfa, Zhong Xuejiao,Pan Xinyu,Zhang Xiaoyan
  • Prize
    Winner in Landscape Design/Small Scale Projects

The project is located on the main road of the city, with a good municipal interface and a wide sidewalk and green path.This project design is inspired by "Anaya-style cloud enjoy life" to create a new lifestyle of cloud enjoy the future. A home is not only a place to rest, but also a place to find one's self in the quiet of the world.The whole design is intended to combine the original architectural form to create a landscape space with a sense of atmosphere and nature, with different landscape elements running through it to form an integrated space.

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