• Company/Studio
    MAKO Design + Invent
  • Instagram
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Kevin Mako
  • Design Team
    Tim Uys
  • Client
    Andrew Ruiz
  • Prize
    Winner in Product Design/Sport & Leisure
  • Company Profile

The ProX is a crossbody strengthening and proprioceptive training machine. Using the ProX, users can mimic sport-specific movements, such as dribbling a basketball, while engaging their core to become more explosive and agile in a real competition. The ProX uses an adjustable pressure rod system to control the stability of the board. The three knobs on the base adjust the front, back, or lateral movements for users to explore a huge range of motions to suit their needs. Around the perimeter are attachment points where users may attach resistance bands to diversify their workout even further.

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