Theodor Joseph Blell Inventory

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  • Lead Designer(s)
    Eurydyka Kata
  • Design Team
    Eurydyka Kata, Rafal Szczawinski
  • Client
    The Malbork Castle Museum
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    Winner in Graphic Design/Editorial
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The Blell Inventory is a hand-written document from the late 19th century, listing all the exhibits in the collection of the Castle of Malbork. This document is now an important source in the studies of the history of the Castle. The book consists of introductory critical essays, the translation with footnotes, the transcription of the German original and a photographic insert, printed on a glossy paper. As the text consists mostly of ordered lists, the design uses table-like arrangement throughout, including title pages and the cover, with the title debossed with silver foil on gray canvas.

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