SUNAC Wuyue Fu Resident

  • Company/Studio
    Cohere Design Company Limited
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Chak Lam Cheng
  • Design Team
    Enrico ILAGAN, Janlu AGUSTIN, Marc BARRA, Dan LIU, Jun CHEN
  • Client
    Sunac China Holding Limited
  • Prize
    Winner in Landscape Design/Large Scale Projects
  • Company Profile

Huzhou is an ancient Chinese city surrounding with beautiful scenery and with a profound culture in the Zhejiang Province in China. The poet "戴表元" Mr. Dai Biao Yuan of the Yuan Dynasty said: "Walking all over the Yangtze River and the beautiful land, life can only live in Huzhou - 行遍江南清麗地,人生只合住湖州". Our landscape design brings the unique of humanistic customs of Huzhou into the Huzhou Mansion Project, using Elegance, Exquisite and Comfort as the key words to create a relaxing, green and healthy living environment for the residents. At the same time, through the landscape design techniques, our

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