The First Light

  • Company/Studio
    Uplan Design
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Yang Shi, Haiyan Zhu
  • Design Team
    Yang Zhong, Hao Ji, Zheng Zhang, Rui Chen, Yicheng Ye, Qin Zuo
  • Client
    The Mixc Ningbo
  • Credits
    Photog by: Ye Tian, Jing Ge Cui
  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design/Installation

Uplan Design was commissioned by the Mixc Ningbo to create a set of art installations in the interior and exterior of its commercial centre. In the process of creation, the designer presents a reflection on the two environments and states of "inside and outside". The outside is the environmental factor of the "continued spread of the new global pandemic", while the inside is the human emotion of the desire to restore order to life. Based on a deeper consideration of both. The theme of light was finally adopted, with the "sun" and the extension of light as the main form, to create this project.

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