Osteria Betulla

  • Company/Studio
  • Instagram
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Julia Kubitskaya
  • Design Team
    Anna Lvovskaia, Boris Lvovskiy, Fedor Goreglyad, Maria Romanova, Julia Kubitskaya
  • Client
    Arslan Berdiev
  • Credits
    Photo by Sergey Melnikov
  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design/Hospitality
  • Company Profile

The concept of Osteria Betulla relies on simple Italian food in the original version with an emphasis on high quality of products. From the very beginning, we were orientated at the image of an "Italian dining hall", but in a very minimalistic and pure manner. We knew how sacred the restaurant team felt about their work, so we wanted to translate that feeling into a visual image. This is how we came to the idea of a certain “food temple” – a place resembling an uncluttered, minimalistic European chapel flooded with light.

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