Jinke Gallery

  • Company/Studio
    Zinialand Landscape Design Co., Ltd.
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Liang Zhu
  • Design Team
    Liang Li,Ping Liu
  • Client
    Jinke Property Group (Chongqing)
  • Prize
    Winner in Landscape Design/Private gardens

The case is located in Jinzhu section of Huaxi District, Guiyang City, with a mature road system in the vicinity, but lacking public transportation facilities. However, there is a mountain park on the east side of the site with the natural landscape of "Wanfeng Forest" in Guizhou. With "nature" as the core, the designer started from three aspects: "de-propertying", "art display and cross-border concept" and "natural interpretation", and created a rich spatial experience with the 7.3m height difference between the site itself and the building.

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