Snap to Hide Eco Flex | Magnetic Privacy Screen Protector

  • Company/Studio
    Monifilm Right Group Co., Ltd.
  • Lead Designer(s)
    An Fang, Li ( Andy)
  • Design Team
    Chaun En , Li (Train), Tony Huang, Connie Chen
  • Client
    Monifilm Right Group Co., Ltd.
  • Credits
    Digital & Visual Communication @Bemuseful Studio
  • Prize
    Winner in Product Design/Eco Design
  • Company Profile

Snap to Hide Eco Flex is the market first Eco-Friendly Magnetic Privacy Screen Protector that is made from Monifilm's latest EcoFlex Technology that uses Bio Degradable Triacetate Cellulose or TAC as core material to Reduce 80% Carbon Emission during production and is integrated with Monifilm's award winning “Snap to Hide” patent in a mere 0.32m, Full Flat Ultra Slim Unibody Design for an Easy & Seamless Screen Privacy Protection with Cutting Edge Features like Anti Bacteria, Anti Blue Lights, Anti-Reflections Anti-Glare, Anti Smudge & a 70% Screen Transmittance Clarity.

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