Gem Garden Moon light

  • Company/Studio
    Linshaobin Design Shenzhen
  • Instagram
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Shaobin Lin
  • Design Team
    Linshaobin Design Shenzhen
  • Client
    Shenzhen Chaoyu Co.,
  • Credits
    photo by Yanpeng Chen
  • Prize
    Winner in Graphic Design/Packaging

Gem Garden is a high-end Chaoshan restaurant, needs to use the Mid-Autumn Festival gift box as a carrier to promote their brand. By partially combining the full moon inside the box with the illustration outside the box, the corresponding creativity inside and outside is formed. When the light and angle are appropriate, the creativity on the packaging will present a better effect.The aesthetics of the whole design is narrative, from the outer box viewing, to the opening process, to the innermost small box, the sense of reading layer by layer is a complete design.

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