Folding Garden

  • Company/Studio
    Zhubo Design Co., LTD.
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Yang Weizhong
  • Design Team
    Xia Chong,Tang Dynasty Wen, Su Chudu, Yang Mengchuan, Strahinja Petrovic
  • Client
    Poly Estate
  • Credits
    Photo by:Huang Zaohui
  • Prize
    Winner in Architecture/Commercial & Offices
  • Company Profile

Folding Garden is located in Beijing. How to inherit the traditional royal construction of the site, and at the same time make a clever translation of the huge garden system in a relatively compact space, is what we are trying to answer in this design.We use a continuous wall to cut across the site. The wall not only shapes the garden, but also acts as a supporting structure to create a coherent indoor column-free space; at the same time, the corridor space connects three scattered courtyards in one go.We hope to use pure geometric form to construct a place full of natural tension in here.

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