Excellence City

  • Company/Studio
    GND Jiedi Landscape Design
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Qiu Ge,Bing Li,Ding You
  • Design Team
    Concept design: Zhu Yanlin, Qiu Liang, Zu Ge, Yuan Fuyan Landscape architecture design: Huang Juan, Chen Chen, Yan Zongdong, Luo Xueli Plant design: L
  • Client
    Excellent Group
  • Credits
    Project Photography: Riye Photography
  • Prize
    Winner in Landscape Design/Small Scale Projects
  • Company Profile

In the landscape design of the Excellence City Exhibition Area, GND has combined the exhibition function with the urban park, starting from the relationship between man and nature, and the perception of space, and strived to create the beauty of natural artistic conception. Finally, we have presented an ecological, interconnected and vigorous space to provide surrounding residents and communities with a new type of landscape for living, communicating and interacting.

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