The Mini Supernova Community Park

  • Company/Studio
    HID Landscape Design Consulting Co., Ltd.
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Leo Wu, Louise Zhang, Sinan Zheng,Yujiang He
  • Design Team
    Huashu Shen, Wenheng Liu, Anne Dai, Guangjuan Zhou, Yukun Shang, Qiong Huang, Yajing Yan, Shiyu Zheng, Rachel Wang, Xiaozhen Xu, Zhibo Zhang, Qian Lu
  • Credits
    Photo by Fancy Images
  • Prize
    Winner in Landscape Design/Parks & Public spaces, Educational, Community & Recreation facilities
  • Company Profile

To achieve some value. To endow a story. To give the city an interesting green community park. A story is brought to the site to light up this green corner of the city. A mini supernova slipped out of its orbit and fell into a field, it left indelible marks in various forms to the site before disappeared in sight.A Rock Plaza is perfect for welcoming people to the site; The Hill Park is designed for all-age grounps; children jump happily on the edge of the Stream Paradise towards the Crater Plaza for skateborading; couples lie down on the grassy slope by Fold Mound to look up to the stars.

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